MCE Online Spotlight

Addicted to Digital Media – More OnSpot Applications One of the most exciting areas for future development for Media Center, and the most logical area to begin to offer significant micro content, is Microsoft’s “Online Spotlight.”

Previously I wrote a review on one of the offerings Gallery Player that is available in Online Spotlight, but there are many other services presently offered through the menu. I hope to offer up additional reviews of some of these services in future posts. In the meantime, Sean Alexander has put together an excellent post that describes some of the basic services and content available through Online Spotlight today as well as some of the upcoming content available coming very soon.

Of all of the services I’m probably most excited about the potential content offered through the upcoming Yahoo! TV.

Although some of the offerings could use additional evolving, Online Spotlight is a good place to ponder regarding the potential of MCE version future. XM Satellite, for instance, is nice to have as an option, but in the future if/when a comprehensive guide and PVR type services are added to it then it will really be an amazing service.