John Porcaro on Managing Your Email

John Porcaro: mktg@msft: Microsoft’s Email Culture: John Porcaro, a Group Marketing Manager at Microsoft, has an interesting post out on managing your email. I have to say that I’m guilty of some of the email traps that Porcaro points out. It’s hard not to check your email constantly. Even when I have more important things to do I find myself checking it frequently. I need to learn better that there is a time and a place to process email.

Porcara also reminds us not to forget about the significance of the phone call. “You’d be surprised at how much you can get done in a phone call rather than on email. ”

Too often I’m guilty of using the power of email to handle work much more efficiently while perhaps forgetting that much of the power of a conversation still can be found in the sounds of two human voices interacting with inflextions, intonation and the human elements that oftentimes say and mean significantly more than we can type.

(Thanks, Sean!)