Guess What you Get When You Search for “Microsoft” with the New Google Video Search?

So guess what the first entry for “Microsoft” is when you do a new Google Video Search? Yep, you guessed it, a high profile video piece on Google themselves. More specifically it’s John Battelle and his shining mug from the 60 Minutes piece that was out a short time ago which is probably the highest exposure piece done on the company to date.

Of course the second entry for Microsoft is a video which references the drop in market share for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

The third includes the word “scam” and asks, “Is Microsoft a company that wants to dominate the world of entertainment?”

The fourth. Well as one would expect, a story quoting Oprah as saying: “her husband slept with hundreds of men.” ohhh, well that and “there are new security concerns for Microsoft.”

Always one to embrace sensationalism while fanning the flames and getting everyone all worked up over nothing, I put it to you the reader, coincidence or conspiracy? You be the judge.

Of course when you search for “Yahoo” in the new Google Video Search you get Supermodel Petra Nemcova! Very nice!

Anyone have an idea on how the… er… “page rank” might work on this one?