Gates Touts TiVo deal at CES

Gates touts TiVo deal at CES | CNET
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Strange bedfellows. I never thought I’d see the day when Microsoft agreed to partner with a Linux platform, however, in his keynote speech tonight Gates touted a partnership with the popular TiVo brand PVR. According to CNET, “the television recording pioneer has enlisted Microsoft in its new TiVoToGo effort to offer mobile versions of TiVo-recorded programs.”

“Gates hailed the ability to easily move TiVo content to portable gadgets as emblematic of Microsoft’s push to let consumers experience their digital media anywhere they want it. “We’re really seeing the portable video message move into the mainstream,” he said.” Personally I’m surprised that this is the first we are hearing of Microsoft being the technology behind TiVo to go.

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