DirecTV announces more than 150 HD new national channels coming this year

DIRECTV: Online Media Center – News releases: I have to say that I am continually impressed by the speed at which DirecTV is adopting HDTV into their line up. At the beginning of this month DirecTV added Fox and ABC into their HDTV mix which now covers all of the major networks plus HD Showtime and HBO. As this represents 90% of what I watch on television, I’m pretty much watching just about everything in high def these days.

And now we have an announcement that with the launch of more satellites later this year, DirecTV will be adding 150 national HDTV channels. Outstanding!

I watched the Rose Parade this year for the first time in high def and what a world of difference. I think that certain things like close up sports and parades were just made to broadcast in HDTV. (Thanks 16:9)

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