Chris Anderson TV Visionary

The Long Tail: Long Tail TV: Wishlist Chris Anderson has come up with another beautiful post on how to integrate remote television scheduling into today’s PVR. TiVo, Microsoft, SBC, Comcast, et al. take notice. Remote scheduling is hot.

Think about it this way. We all have television that we love right? And we all have jobs that we hate right? We can’t very well watch television at work but what do we have there? Yes, you guessed it, the internet. Now when we get home and plop down in front of the tv with the six pack of Mickey’s Big Mouth and the Super Buritto from La Tacqueria we aren’t in the mood to be fooling around with searching for new programming, recommendation technology, rankings, etc. etc.

However, when we are at work and bored as hell that just might be the perfect time to fool around with finding new things to watch at home. And Chris proposes we make it as simple as a right click, “record to DVR.” Very smart thinking Chris. This is indeed the future. Throw in thousands of new channels of microcontent via the internet and I can imagine spending hours at work doing nothing but searching for and scheduling new television.