AP Reviews Media Center PC

Yahoo! News – Review: Media Center PCs Widen Appeal:Matthew Fordahl, an AP Technology Writer, is out with a very positive review of Microsoft’s Media Center 2005. Positive comments include:

“The latest Media Center software version is far more polished than the program’s earlier generations, and glitches were relatively rare after I installed updates. Overall, the features far outweighed any problems.”

“Overall, the Media Center interface is sharper and more readable than earlier versions. It shows recently played items for easy access. And it feels much peppier than my separate DVD player, TiVo and DirecTV boxes.”


“All the features make a very strong case for a PC for the living room. But the best argument may turn out to be that these computers have a lot of headroom for future enhancement.”

Fordahl doesn’t get into the fact that the product doesn’t support cable and satellite HDTV, perhaps it’s most significant limitation to date.

Overall this should be very good for MCE given the wide reaching and influential AP source.