Using a Media Center PC through your Xbox

HOW-TO: Using a Media Center PC through your Xbox – Engadget – Engadget has a write up on using a MCE Extender through your X-Box. My own concern is twofold. 1. I already have a tough time getting my large digital media library to play with speed on my Cat 6 wired MCE machine in my living room. 2. I consistently have problems accessing my wireless network with my IBM Thinkpad Notebook in my house. My Microsoft Wireless 802.11b base station is in my home office and even a mere 25 feet away in my living room I have trouble. My house is an old house with lots of lath and plaster walls which I think may have something to do with it.

Anyone know of an easy way to boost the range of my Microsoft base station? I tried adding a Linksys node to a Cat 6 connection in the living room but I could not get it to work correctly at all after playing around with it for 8 hours. It keep giving me ip address problems and Linksys Tech support couldn’t do anything for me. Oh well, $85 down the drain as I held the product longer than CompUSA’s 15 day return policy.

Maybe I’ll try an extender unit once my home is completely Cat 6 wired but until then I’ll probably avoid this one.