More Questions About Windows Media Player 10

Recently I imported a number of new mp3s into my Windows Media Player. Now when I ask Windows Media Player to play All Music at random, it is playing the newly imported tracks a disproportionate amount of the time. The new tracks represent about 50% of my collection now but when set to shuffle or random play they so far have represented 100% of the songs played (out of about the first 50 tested). You would think that these new tracks would only represent about 50% of the songs played on random with all music selected in the library. Ironically, if I use the automated playlist, songs that I’ve yet to rate, there is a disproportionate number of my old tracks played.

Does anyone know where I could find deeper technical information on how the random algorithms work for Windows Media Player 10? And does anyone know if any of the team members from Windows Media Player blog at all?

Appreciate any advice or deeper resources beyond the Microsoft Windows Media Player newsgroup.