Seeing the light on HDTV

Seeing the light on HDTV – Nov. 2, 2004: Ladies and Geeks, HDTV is hitting the mainstream. More coverage from CNN. Two days in a row! Notice the quote — CNN’s, not mine:

“Is it possible to record programs in HD?

Yes, but not with a VCR. The newest frontier in high-def perks is an HD digital video recorder. The benefits of DVR, the most famous of which is TiVo, have been sung many times: You sift through weeks of programming for the real gems, then watch them at your leisure. With satellite, purchasing an HD DVR is the only option, at a steep $1,000. Cable subscribers have it easier: In some areas you can lease one in place of a digital cable box or standard DVR, often at no extra cost.

Like high-definition television, of course, DVRs are frequently said to be able to “change your life.” Imagine putting the two together.”

Why no mention from CNN on MCE 2005? It does offer OTA HDTV after all.

The funny thing is as my friend rdowty pointed out that for all the hype in the article CNN isn’t even broadcast in HDTV. Check it out:

“Q: Are my favorite shows available in HD?

A: You bet. NBC, ABC, CBS, and PBS, along with HBO, Showtime, and Discovery have broadcast in HD for several years. UPN, WB, and Fox are beginning to offer it, as are cable channels like ESPN, TNT, Starz, Cinemax, Bravo, Fox Sports Net, and NBA TV.” Doh!