MSMobiles takes a Cheap Shot at Scoble

Scobleizer: Microsoft Geek Blogger Scoble blogs that he paid his own way to BloggerCon, despite some disparaging remarks from the MSMobiles site.

Following is my comment to the MSMobiles site:

In general I’ve found Scoble to be very open and honest regarding technology that he likes and doesn’t like. He should not be ravaged on your site for talking about a product that he believes in.

I believe that Scoble is one of the few bloggers who has done a fine job balancing his blogging with his corporate job and he is not afraid (and this speaks volumes of praise for Microsoft) to speak his mind and be critical.

I’ve found his thinking to be generally well grounded and personally think it’s a cheap shot to go after him for being excited about a technology that involves his employer Microsoft.

Conflict of interest is always something to be watched and monitored in the blogosphere but I think Scoble is a good example of how it ought to be done.

Although I wasn’t there and did not hear it all, based on what I do know about Scoble I’d seriously question the negative spin that you are trying to put on him and his work. Disingenuous blogging will generally be ferreted out by the blogosphere itself and I think that others who have followed what Scoble writes about would also be quick to defend him.