More on “Digital Joy” from Michael Gartenberg

Michael Gartenberg: Microsoft/Intel Digital Bliss was a bust for me Michael Gartenberg over at Jupiter Media pans the new Digital Joy campaign that has been in the press recently after a recent visit to one of the digital joy centers.

Now I’m not saying he called them “digital liars,” but Gartenberg does seem to think that the folks at the digital joy centers need to get their “digital facts” digitally straight.

F’rinstance. It’s a little misleading to say that MCE can record HDTV without adding that it only supports OTA HDTV signals. Imagine the “digital frustration” when you got home and tried to hook the thing up to your HDTV receiver. It’s also not true to say that the units can record three shows simultaneously with no change to one’s cable hookup.

Not bad for the $10 to $20 digital million estimated spent on the campaign.

Personally, I agree with Gartenberg. Spend the “digital” money on your “digital” power users and “digital” evangelizers who are promoting your product in their “digital” homes and on their “digital” blogs. Of course, in my case it would help if when I showed it to people (which I have many many times since 2002) the music took less than three minutes to load.

And by the way, it still would be nice if Gartenberg turned his “digital” comments on his “digital” blog like the CEO of Jupiter Media Alan Meckler was just praised for doing.