The King of the Music Pirates has 900,000 mp3s

MacNETv2 An interview with an mp3 collector who claims to have 900,000 mp3s. This is the largest collection I’ve heard of to date. (Thanks, J-Walk Blog). The article was Slashdotted here.

Update: I’ve given this article some more thought and basically think that the story is made up. So Doug says that he has been collecting music for “10 months”, he started out “slow” but is now able to download “1000 songs a day.” So lets do the math. 10 months, 30 days, assuming he did not start slow but started doing 1000 songs a day this works out to 300 days x 1,000 songs a day = 300,000 songs. Nowhere close to the 900,000 songs claimed. So much of this interview seems made up. From the underwear model wife to the Grand Marnier to the Blue Mountain Coffee and the perfectly groomed kids. I just don’t think that someone who works 16 hours a day and has to devote time to his kids (and certainly should be devoting time to that wife) would be technically able to do it.

This is a nice article but is basically a geek fantasy world. “Doug” is the same person as the interviewer and although he possibly may have 80,000 mp3s or something, the 900,000 probably only exist in fantasyland.

10 years of collecting maybe, 10 months, no way. Why is the author of this piece not responding to validate these claims? Where is the proposed follow up piece? This article was Slashdotted and got all of the attention that the article was hoping for by making such sensationalistic claims. Where is the screen shot even showing this 900,000 collection?

More urban legend grist for the mill.