Golden Gate Meat Company

Best breakfast sandwich. Golden Gate Meat Company. I remember when Lulu’s Petite opened up in San Francisco’s Ferry Building and I was all fired up to try their fancy breakfast sandwich. Yeah it was $5 which was a lot but, hey, it was Lulu’s… they’re supposed to be fancy. Boy was I disappointed. After two tries I’ve never been back. The place is overpriced and the food is really marginal. On the other hand, last week I discovered for the first time the breakfast sandwich of the Golden Gate Meat Company.

If you are really hung over one morning, yeah we all have been there, and would like to consume all of your daily calories at breakfast after having skipped dinner the night before in favor of three shots of tequila and nine beers, the Golden Gate Meat Company is this place for you. For $5 they will sell you the most delicious combination of eggs, bacon, salt, pepper and cheese on a big oversized bun with some kind of really tasty buttery or hollandaise type sauce – I’m not sure which. The cost is steep when compared with $2.50 or so for an Egg McMuffin but for those days when you just need that big fast filling breakfast skip the McDonalds and go by the Golden Gate Meat Company. They start serving the sandwiches at about 6:45 a.m.

The Golden Gate also does an ok job with lunch (the barbeque beef or chicken sandwich are the best) but the standout is that terrific breakfast job they do over there.

One Ferry Building, Shop 13, 415-983-7800

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