Will Microsoft Make Its Browser Better?

Neowin.net Will Microsoft Makes Its Browser Better? Neowin has a post out this morning based on comments by Marc Andreessen. The implication of the post is that once Internet Explorer beat Netscape that they really had no additional reason to innovate. Now with Firefox pulling massive amounts of users away from Internet Explorer (myself included) Microsoft will need to put some effort and capital towards Internet Explorer to prevent losing more users and to try and get some of the Firefox adopters back.

I would hope that Microsoft would be excited about expanding the capabilities of their IE browser irrespective of the competition but who knows, there may be a kernal of truth in all this.

As for my experience with Firefox? It rocks! Firefox is substantially better than IE in my weeks worth of experience thus far. It is faster. I’ve had no spyware that I know of infect it. The link buttons at the top are, in Gates speak, super. It is really helpful for me to have my most frequently accessed sites just a short click away without having to go through bookmarks. I love the find feature and one of my very favorites is the undo command under edit. How many times I’ve wished that I’d had that in IE and just in the last week have loved having it. I’m interested in seeing what the next IE browser looks like but for now I’m locked into Firefox.

I don’t know what took me so long to change browsers but I’m there now and very happy.

Jim Rapoza also offers his insight on the matter.