Why Matt Goyer doesn’t buy iTunes or other online music – DRM

Matt Goyer, a Microsoft Media Center Product Manger, chooses to buy CDs and rip them into DRM free tracks where he can play them anywhere he wants. Matt is a very smart consumer. I do the same thing. As far as I’m concerned DRM ladden tracks would be a cancer to my music library and I refuse to let them into the collection. Almost all of my music is ripped from CD.

I’m being more subversive than Matt on this though, who I’m sure remains a very good digital rights citizen by only ripping CDs he has purchased legitimately himself, and would point readers to another post I wrote a ways back on 9 Things that the RIAA does not want you to know. Hey if REM’s Peter Buck can copy tunes and share them with his friends without raising the ire of the RIAA or his record label then why not the rest of us?