Publishing my clip file

One of the nice things about Bloglines as an RSS Reader (and I’m sure other readers do this as well) is that I can clip interesting headlines in my RSS reader and keep them for later review. Some of this material gets posted to my blog other headlines never do — either I run short of time and don’t have time to comment on the post or upon reading I don’t find it as interesting an item as I had originally thought it might be.

Of course some of the best material that I find out there and am interested in is posted directly from the RSS reader and bypasses the clippings file entirely.

This being said, I’ve decided to publish my clippings file as a blog just for the hell of it. Scoble does something like this with his link blog and I enjoy reviewing some of his items there that don’t make it to his main blog.

So here you go. You can have Thomas Hawk filtered or Thomas Hawk unfiltered. Of course most of anything that I write will always be only on and not my clippings blog.

The clippings blog will be started today at: