October Photoblog

Cake and Ice Cream

Lichtenstein’s at the MOMA. Too bad I can’t bring my camera in the MOMA. Looks like I’ll be missing that exhibition.

Club Tac, Crocket, California.

Staring at the Sun

Locked Out


Seattle Was Another Girl Who Left Her Mark Upon the Map

Palace Hotel, Late Afternoon

The Chancery Building




A taxi driver is questioned after an accident with a bicyclist at the corner of First and Market.

Falling Numbers at the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank

Simple Thoughts on Market Street

Jesus Christ is the Answer

Six Parnasus

Bay Bridge Sunrise

Bay Bridge Sunrise, #2

Moon Over the Bay Bridge

Downtown San Francisco, Early Evening

C and H Sugar Refinery, Crocket, California

The Big Giant Bra Ball is for Sale, Crocket, California

Rainy Morning, San Francisco Ferry Building

Flying Away From You

Clouds Outside

Smiley Face

Loving the Obstacle

For Every Generation There’s a Gap

The Easily Forgotten

San Francisco Municipal Railway

Six Forty Five

Colors and Shapes

Lip Service



Diverging Paths

Vincenzo is a wine and food tasting held each year in San Rafael that benefits the St. Vincent’s School for Boys — a boys home for troubled youth. Every year it is beautiful and a wonderful day of wine tasting and great food. I’ve been going for the past few years and had the opportunity once again last Sunday. If you can make it in 2005 it’s definately worth checking out.

St. Vincent’s

Vincenzo 2004… More for Kids

Bay Bridge, 2005

Six Thirty, Monday Morning

Empty Ferry Building

Late Night Bus

Please Don’t Touch the Pig Head, He’s Been Sold

Lights Are Changing

Central Park at Night from the Le Parker Meridian

Thomas Hawk’s Digital Photoblog October 2004

Thomas Hawk’s Digital Photoblog September 2004

Thomas Hawk’s Digital Photoblog August 2004

Thomas Hawk’s Digital Photoblog July 2004

21 Replies to “October Photoblog”

  1. wow…these pictures really are amazing, I live in Germany and always dreamt of going to cali one day…

  2. I adore these pictures… they show just how great San Fransisco is. Amazing <3

  3. I left the Bay area 3 years ago and I still miss it terribly. Your photos capture the city so beautifully…very poignant for me.

  4. absolutely amazing, very inspiring for me, i would like to be a photographer someday.

  5. Great composition and exposure.

    You have a great eye.

    Thanks for sharing your art.

    Paul W.
    Euharlee, GA

  6. I was looking for pictures of Jesus, when I came across your website, God has blessed you with the talent of photography. You are simply incredible at it. I was extremely touched by your work, please continue with it for I would love to see more!

  7. Beautiful pictures – I hope you don’t mind that I downloaded 2 of them to use as wallpaper on my computer screen. Thank you so much for sharing them.
    Anne, in England.

  8. I like all of those pictures and if i looked at them I felt like I was in there too.
    I would like to go there one day, thank you very much!!!!!!!

  9. these pics are so ugly and dum couldnt u think of somethin else to right under them heres an example u jerke while i was in…… and if they were real i think atleast 1 picture would involve u but guess wat not even 1 has ur face isnt that ur so ugly so they fake pics and ppl sayin there so amazin….. o i wish goin to california. omg get a lyfe

  10. hi, i’m french and i would like to see pictures of NY. when i look your site i’m very happy, it is very cool and the pictures are keep in the instant, i love… sorry for the english, i speak just a little english.

  11. OMG… I “re-found” your website!!
    I’ve been looking for your CLOUDS COMING picture for a week now! I was hoping I might purchase it for you. I have a small business (massage therapy) and was planning on ad-wrapping my vehicle using clouds as the backdrop. I love your picture, it looks fantastic on the side of an Element. Any chance you have the full resolution image to sell?

  12. I am considering using one of your photos to grace the cover of a novel that I just completed. Please reach back if interested.

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