Mary Hodder on the competition for our news attention

Napsterization Mary has an interesting post that I can definitely relate to regarding how RSS feeds, filters and search technology have changed how we get our news. Her point is that mainstream media outlets — SF Chronicle, New York Times, etc. are becoming ignored due to our time limitations and our ability to better customize what we read from our predefined sources and preferences.

It strikes me that in the same way recent studies have shown that internet usage, and more specifically broadband internet connectivity, has cannibalized television media and time spent in front of our old friend the boob tube. And I find that the further I get committed to my RSS reader (why do the number of feeds tracked always go up and never go down) the less time I also spend going to places like or sfgate or the new york times, etc. — and certainly less time watching television.

Like Mary though, who suggests that she still gets her “porn” from her food and house magazines due to the pretty pictures, I still do have the SF Crime RSS feed on my list and feel guilty that really the majority of my interaction with mainstream media these days is for the titillating visceral look at serial killers, dirty cops, wife murderers and other crimes of vice. Oh and I did pick up the latest copy of Esquire magazine, it’s first and only photo issue… again for the pictures.