Hot Donkey! eDonkey surpasses Kaaza on downloads

Kazaa loses P2P crown | CNET Not that I’m against the P2P file sharing services but I pretty much stopped using them after Napster was shut down. The problem is quality. The quality of what you recieve on P2P networks is generally very poor. Metadata is all screwed up. Half the time the songs you think you are downloading are bogus decoys put on by the record companies. Spyware and viruses. No thank you. I’d just assume rip the CDs myself and get good, clean, perfect mp3s with all of the metadata intact as correctly as possible.

But congratulations to the folks over at the donkey!

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  1. says:

    The only reason Edonkey surpassed Kazaa is because when Microsoft made everybody install their service pack, they disabled Kazaa. Personally, I like Aresta better then Kazaa anyways, but I think that it sucks that Microsoft is trying to force their DRM technoology to restrict what you can and can’t do on a computer. My next operating system is going to be Linux based. I’d like to see Softie try to shut that down.