Yahoo treats their free accounts better than their paid accounts

Yahoo! Search blog: New Beta Version of My Yahoo! One of the things about my yahoo that really bugs me is that because I use SBC DSL I get an inferior my yahoo service.

About a year ago SBC and Yahoo! forced me from my yahoo to SBC’s my yahoo. The big difference? A new whopping large banner ad at the top of my my yahoo! page that wasn’t there before. Other than that it’s basically the same thing.

So let’s see. If I don’t pay SBC money I get a better my yahoo for free. If I happen to be a SBC DSL client then I get an inferior product and I have to pay SBC money. I wish there was some way to hide the fact that I’m an SBC customer from Yahoo!.

To make matters worse, of course because again I’m a paying customer and not a free account, everyone else can update their my yahoo account today and I cannot. See the screen shot above. Nice to know that they take care of their paying customers first.

When SBC/Yahoo! forced me into this new my yahoo I lost a bunch of calendar data as a result of the process.

I wish Yahoo! treated SBC my yahoo clients as well as they treated those that use their service for free.