Boing Boing – I hate this digital video recorder – Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8000

Boing Boing%3A I hate this digital video recorder%3A Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8000 This guy certainly has a way with words: “Yesterday I was at Best Buy, and I noticed that 40-hour TiVos were on sale for $50 after rebate. I bought one and set it up. What a difference! If TiVo were a beverage, it’d be a tall glass of Jamaican ginger beer with chipped ice and a lime wedge, while the Explorer 800 would be a paper cup of warm fake lemonade stirred with the finger of a nose-picking six-year-old.”

Pretty negative review on the Scientific-Atlanta Explorer 8000 PVR. So much for these great “free” cable offered pvrs that are supposed to put TiVo and Media Center out of business.