tom kemp : particle painter

I made this… or did I? tom kemp : particle painter Tom Kemp has created technology that allows anyone to create abstract digital images through his software Particle Painter. Particle Painter creates digital images. The disclaimer before you use it is pretty cool: By using this version of Particle Painter you agree that no one has any copyright over the images they create. You are free to use such images as you please.

I, (he?) created the image above with his free software in about 2 minutes.

Imagine a room containing charged particles. Those with the same kind of charge repel each other and those with opposite charges attract each other.

If we make a mark at each point visited by a particle as it flies round the room we get a stroke. If we do this for each particle we get a painting.

Many of the resulting images are strikingly similar to other work found at this site. It was the possiblitiy of shrugging off the huge control required to make this work that spurred the creation of Particle Painter.

To what extent are the images you create with this program mine? Where is the art? Is it the particle paintings, the software, the algorithms, the dissemination or my attempt at letting go?