Fire Alarm

Fire Alarm

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Wow! This is a great digital image! These colors are so vibrant and brilliant. The work great with each other. I love the simplicity of the subject. The level of simplicity really lets the colors do their work. I am so glad you chose not to put the button dead center. It works so great just slightly off to the side. Bravo, well done!

  3. Is that a bell ? it looks badly damaged. Here in Houston the thing would have been a huge fine, it would have made the newspaper and the property owner shamed into oblivion. Meanwhile it’s completely legal for grown men to walk around with their boxers hanging out.

  4. TruXter says:

    “Call 911″
    Have you seen the one it says ” In the event of a fire throw your hands in the air and scream FIRE FIRE FIRE” ?

    It was great.