Can’t Tell You How and I Can’t Tell You Why

Can't Tell You How and I Can't Tell You Why

Please take a second and read this important thread in the Flickr Ideas Forum regarding greater protection for Flickr members and large groups against Flickr account/group deletion. Reform against unwarned account/group deletions are necessary and protect us all.


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  1. James Rhodes says:

    Maybe if you were such an insufferable prick to the flickr staff it wouldn’t happen in the first place.

  2. “Insufferable prick,” now that’s what I’d like to be called. Or, at least if that is what Thomas is, then that’s what I’d like to be.

    Flickr is an egregious abuser of its massive user base, and it makes things worse by failing to ever acknowledge even its most obvious errors, to say nothing of the multitude of its sins that must go unnoticed. Because, you know, most of us are not insufferable pricks and we just don’t bother to call flickr on its shit when it capriciously dumps countless hours of hundreds of people’s involvement in a photostream or a group, for apparently no discernable reason–except that they can.

    I guess, if just the fact that “they can” is reason enough for you, then you probably also think that anything is OK as long as you can get away with it, whether in government, or business, or in a bean field. But that also means you don’t qualify for elevation to the status of insufferable prick.

    I for one, aspire to whatever it is that Thomas calls himself. Even “insufferable prick” is fine with me. Just so long as it isn’t, “smug asshole.”

  3. Ilan says:

    This issue with flickr arises every few months.
    They not going to change their TOS or be more ‘user friendly’.
    I think it’s just easier for them to erase it, and leave few hundreds frustrated users, while they got few millions of other.

  4. James Rhodes says:

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  7. Thomas G says:

    Did Thomas Hawk nuke Flickr!!!!!!

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