"You can’t take pictures in this room."

"But I’m just taking a photo of my daughter. Isn’t it nice how the floor reflects her silhouette?"

"I’m sorry, you can’t take pictures in this room."

"But I took photos in this room last week with the security guard right there."

"I’m sorry you can’t take photos in this room."

"Hold on I’m just going to take a few more and then I’ll leave."

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  1. meckimac says:

    I’m sure he just thought it’s too dark to take a picture and tried to warn you. He didn’t want you to use up your last film (!?!) in such a poorly lighted environment 😉

    He obviously underestimated your photography skills…

  2. It's f*cking painful sometimes. Here in Sydney, Australia a lot of places are very anti photographer (unless your being paid, by them or a magazine doing a piece on them). I know the laws and wont let someone move me on unnecessarily. Unless of course i get caught somewhere i know i shouldn't be, then i'm happy to move on as i'm usually taking a risk being there in the first place. Anyway, longtime reader & love your photo's Mr Hawk. Have been reading your blog since i met you ages ago on zooomr when we were still testing the site.
    All i'm trying to say is… This is a great shot and some people are just straight up f*ckwits.

  3. Ulrich says:

    That’s probably the best photograph in a room where photographs can’t be taken.

  4. Rutger Blom says:

    Did they throw you out after that? 😉

  5. Aaron Brown says:

    Alright, what’s the rest of the story? Sound like another good one.

  6. kelco says:

    sock it to the man tom. nice shot.

  7. aviva5271 says:

    easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission i say…