And I Can Hardly Speak

And I Can Hardly Speak

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  1. Andy Frazer says:


    This shot is amazing. It’s a sight that most of us will never see because we’re not up early enough in the City.

    Since you’re seem to be a big fan of open source information, I was wondering if you’d be interested in submitting information about these sorts of locations to the Open Source Photo Guides project. Think of it as a Wikipedia-like project for information on great photo locations. Similar to Wikipedia, it is a non-commercial, open source venture.

    Each “photo guide” is a single document written as a Google knol, and includes maps, satellite views, helpful information and photograph examples of the location. Individual contributors can write a photo guide for any specific location after downloading a Guidelines document. Once a contributor finishes a guide, it is submitted to the appropriate region administrator for inclusion into the “giant map” (

    The project was started by Australian photographer Brent Pearson. We currently have guides for five regions (Australia, Cyprus, Sweden, UK, and California), which includes over seventy photo guides. I am the administrator for California ( To get things rolling for my region, I’ve already published three photo guides for California, but I have another ten guides in the works. As more contributors sign up, the number of guides (and our coverage) will grow.

    I signed up for this project because I have a large database of personal notes on many locations that I’ve photographed, and I frequently email them to other photographers who ask me for advice on “where should I shoot if I go there?” Free Photo Guides makes it easier to share this information. Of course, this database should only contain photo locations that are open to the public and can support lots of visitors (“fence jumping” locations belong in the UbEx websites).

    So, back to the reason that I’m telling you this… First, take a look at one of the websites and see if it’s of any interest to you. If it is, use it. Second, consider contributing (or collaborating) on your own photo guide of any locations that you think you’re an expert on. If you want to contribute, maybe you’d even like to be a region administrator.

    Either way, please tell me what you think of this project.

    Andy Frazer

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing…Great work!