Heading Out to Sacramento for an Awesome Neon Photowalk Tonight

20051203 Crest Theatre

I’m getting ready to leave San Francisco in an hour or so to head out to Sacramento where we have a fantastic night planned to shoot neon signs on a neon sign photowalk of Sacramento.

We are going to meet tonight on the corner of 10th and L Street in Sacramento at 7pm. More details here. So come on out if you can join us.

Sacramento has some of the richest vintage neon you will find anywhere in the state. There will also be great opportunities to shoot lots of street and other night life. Tom Spaulding who has probably the best collection of Sacramento neon signs I’ve seen will be joining us as well. That’s his photo up there on top.

Looking forward to catching up with those of you who can make it tonight. Forecast says it might rain so bring a rain coat if it does. I’m sure hoping it does because wet streets reflecting neon are about as good as it gets.

My collection of neon photographs on Flickr here.

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  1. Lou says:

    Seriously, you're heading out here tonight?? Man, I was just telling my wife the other day that I was bummed when I saw you were at Squeeze Inn right around the corner from my house and I didn't know, and I was hoping you'd come back haha…

    Well, I'd like to come out tonight, but given the severe lack of a good camera, I dunno about it, my P&S; is horrible, and can't afford a dSLR yet. So. Maybe I'll show up, and maybe I'll bring a film camera instead. who knows.

  2. I'm very happy that there should be some wet streets tonight, as the reflections could be very cool.

    Hey Lou,
    I'm sure your P&S; could make some great shots tonight. A P&S; has the advantage of "live view", which can be quite handy for night photography, in my opinion — especially if it has a manual mode, and you can just adjust the exposure until it looks right on the screen.

  3. I’m quite excited about it!

    My cell for anyone running late, or lost: 805.490.6255

  4. PALS says:

    Those are good neon lights.. I want to visit a place like that to see it in real and live state.

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