Three Great New Features Added to Zooomr Today

Great New Features on Zooomr

[I’m CEO of Zooomr]

Pure red hot donkey awesomeness! Zooomr added three new features today that I *really* love.

1. Pro account users on Zooomr can now page Zooomr’s Discover section. Discover is a place on Zooomr where Zooomr’s algorithm selects many of the best photos on the site. Previously you could see the top 100 ranked photos on Zooomr by the last hour, day, week, month, and year. Now you can see the top 500 ranked photos on Zooomr by the last hour, day, week, month and year. Being able to page through Zooomr’s discover sections means that you can discover all kinds of cool new photos to interact with and fave.

You can also filter your discover experience to only show you the highest ranked 500 photos from your friends, only show you the highest ranked 500 phtoos from your contacts, or the 500 highest ranked photos from everyone.

2. Even better, Zooomr has now added a new section to Discover called “Undiscovered.” In the Undiscovered section of Zooomr it will only show you photos from people who are *not* your contacts. This is a great place to go to find new great photographers to make contacts with. Since every photo in “Undiscovered” comes from a non-contact, you can discover all kinds of new and upcoming photographers here.

3. Zooomr has now added “awards.” When your photos on Zooomr hit certain milestones. 10 faves, 20 faves, 30 faves, etc. Zooomr will now auto-tag your photos with these award designations. In addition to recognizing your most faved photos for you, this will also allow people the ability to browse through Zooomr and find the highest faved shots quickly and easily. This was just started today and only works on photos going foward, but check out this link here to see some of the photos that already have earned the 10 faves award today. Over time you will be able to find mroe and more of the most highly regarded photos on Zooomr.

Thanks to Kristopher and his team of developers for rolling out these great new changes today. There are more changes coming to Zooomr soon, so keep your eyes peeled. In the past 2 months or so Kristopher has continued adding lots of cool new things into Zooomr including support for all size photos and new privacy options, newly revamped profile pages and dozens of minor bug fixes.

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  1. Rsplatpc says:

    checked out Zoomer, man that site loads SLOW

  2. Celine says:

    The new features are rather awesome. That brain Kristopher has is scary, but in a very good way. He thinks of things — an creates and implements them — I would never have thought ot. I may be a Zooomr fangirl, but there’s a reason for it — it rocks. Really.

    By the way, I haven’t had trouble with it being slow, especially since it’s based in Japan and I’m in the US.