I Hate Having to Add Comment Moderation

I hate having to do this but today for the first time I turned on comment moderation on Thomas Hawk’s Digital Connection. Even with Blogger’s captcha’s turned on the comment spam was still just getting too bad. Literally hundreds of them a day. Unfortunately I’m not aware of any sort of akismet type tool for Blogger and so this seems like the only solution at this point.

I hate comment moderation and will try to stay on top of moderating comments as quickly as I can. Sorry about the inconvenience on it. Maybe if the comment spam dies down in the next few days or so I can try turning moderation back off.

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  1. Ali Karbassi says:

    Why not take this time and move over to WordPress. They even have an import from Blogger feature. Their spam blocker is by far the best.

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    Ali, I’m seriously thinking about it. I was going to do it a few years ago but it seemed to be difficult and there was some issue with all of your comments not transferring over or something.

    I really do like the new Blogger since they addressed a lot of the performance problems that they were having a year ago. I’m used to the platform and prefer it for that reason. But the comment spam really is starting to get to me.

  3. Thomas Hawk says:

    I wish at a minimum that Blogger was smart enough that you could approve a commenter once and then they wouldn’t have to have every single future comment go through moderation. That’s how Scoble has things set up I think.

  4. Gary Denness says:

    Have you tried Disqus? I’ve integrated it into my Blogger account and it works well. I assume. I get very few comments! They have a ‘Clout’ system for rating good bloggers and keeping spammers and trolls out.

  5. Thomas Hawk says:

    Gary, I haven’t. Thanks for the advice on that. I’ll check that out.

  6. Dude! Hawk! WordPress rocks, 2.5 is even better.

    I imported my sister’s family blog over to WP, at version 2.3, and everything came over perfect. Comments included!

    You must do this. If you need/want any help, I’m there for you man.

    You’ve got to do it, commenting on Blogger sucks! I hate this extra page and how I must go through the identity verification.

  7. Lloyd Budd says:

    If you do need a hand moving to WP, let me know — volunteers are standing by 😉

  8. Toon says:

    I had some guy spam over and over again on my blogger account and I couldn’t even report him, it’s annoying and I feel for you mate.

  9. Gary Denness says:

    I’ll stick up for Blogger! I feel it’s gotten a lot better, especially over the last year. If you upgraded to a self installed WordPress blog, then fair enough. The free one in my opinion, whilst there’s nothing really terrible about it, it just isn’t as good as Blogger. It’s really pretty limited in comparison. What no Javascript?? For starters.

    I’m not switching to a self hosted WordPress for one simple reason – I don’t like paying for something I don’t have to. Blogger does everything I need and more. For free. Why pay?

    The standard comments does suck. So use Disqus. Works a treat. Screenshot…


  10. Mike Panic says:

    I’m with the others, move off blogger and move to WP. There isn’t one reason to stay with Blogger other than you know how to use it. Last year I moved my first blog and all 11,000 posts to WordPress in under an hour. There are so many plug-ins and features that make it worth the switch it’s not even funny. In your case, there is a simple math plugin that you can add to comments that must be solved before someone can post one.

    For all the griping you do about iTunes and Windows Media Center, I’m surprised you don’t complain more often about Blogger.

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