10 Year Old Boy Hit by Bullet in Oakland

Boy critically injured when he’s shot at piano lesson in Oakland.

Last night when my wife and children came to pick me up from the BART station they told me that the road by our house was roadblocked by the police.

It turns out a few hours earlier a 10 year old child was struck by a stray bullet in an armed robbery while he was taking piano lessons at a local Oakland music studio less than a mile from our house. This is the same music studio that my family drives by pretty much every day and where I buy my guitar strings for my guitar. My kids have attended music lessons at the same studio. The shooter was robbing the gas station across the street from the music studio. When my oldest 7 year old son got home last night after picking me up from BART, the first thing he did was throw up because he was so worried about the police action near our home. The child who was shot is reported as in critical condition at Children’s Hospital in Oakland.

It’s so sad to hear that something so awful has happened to a child. It’s also so sad to see the crime that continues to blight the city of Oakland. I’m not sure what can be done to stop the crime which seems to continue escalating in Oakland. This is what is most frustrating of all. The only thing that I can think to do is to continue arresting these criminals and putting them in jail for longer and longer periods of time.

They arrested a suspect in the case when he crashed his car into a check cashing place down the road. They found a ski mask and a hand gun in his car. If convicted, I hope they lock this guy up in prison for many, many, many years. What kind of horrible monster does something like this?

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  1. At least they caught the guy. I just blogged today about the double homicide at Sahib in Richmond. Must be blog-about-violence-in-your-city-day.

  2. noel says:

    So pathetic…so sad.


  3. bridle says:

    I agree that this guy is an absolute monster. The only thing that always gets to me here in the UK, is when someone is locked away my taxes are paying for them to live in the prison. Three meals a day, work (which they are paid for) and other perks if they are good. This guy need shooting.

  4. I agree, bridle. I’m a fan of Texas’ methods for dealing with this sort of crime.

    Too bad he didn’t do this in Texas, he would have his justice, in about before the end of the decade.

  5. I’m sorry your family had to go through this. I was a paramedic for 23 years and after I had kids and started going on calls with children like this; I couldn’t take it anymore. God is with that kid,(heaven needed another angel).

  6. Karoli says:

    What a horrible story. Is your son doing okay or is he still stressed over it? It’s always so shocking when it’s in your own back yard. A couple of years ago someone was shot on the street right in front of our house. I wasn’t home when it happened, but arrived to discover that my driveway was within the crime scene, making my house inaccessible.

    Ours is a neighborhood in the middle of one of America’s safest cities. We leave our doors unlocked at night. Or we did, until that happened.

    As sad as I am for the victims, there’s a secondary toll on the folks who live, eat, breathe, sleep and commune in the same neighborhood. Every time it happens, it ratchets up the anxiety and turns down the sense of security.

    Taking pictures at night outside the confines of my safe little gated garden was suddenly too scary. My kids jumped at every backfire echoing from the freeway.

    I’ve actually lost a family member to random, senseless violence, so it was maybe easier for me to stuff those feelings back, simply because when you’ve looked in the face of the very worst thing your imagination can conjure and found it to be true, there’s a measure of false hope that lightening won’t strike twice.

    But for a seven-year old kid who is unfamiliar with anything other than feeling safe and loved, it’s a horrible price to pay, and the secondary cost of random, senseless, careless selfish crime. Bastard.

  7. Bo Nash says:

    @trevor – Yeah, here in Texas if you kill somebody there’s a good chance you’ll get the needle. But if you kill an innocent 10 year-old kid you’ll be lucky to get the honor of being arrested.

    That’s just sad. Very, very sad.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oakland is a free zone for violent crime. My wife was stabbed with an ice pick for her purse several years ago. It is a beautiful city with some horrible characters roaming around.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Shoot them …. lock them up for longer….
    There is another way you know – try having less of a sharp differential between rich and poor. Try having some gun control (get rid of them eventually – you don’t need them). And try having some social security, some sense of civic belonging.
    Easy for me to say of course, a liberal who hasn’t been mugged. But, from the outside, sometimes the USA looks just plain bizarre.

  10. Karoli says:

    CNN has picked up this story it’s on their front page right now.

    It’s just as sad today as it was last week. I wish we were up in that community if for no other reason than to do something special for him as he recovers.