The Influence of the Bifurcatied Blogger as Online Social Butterfly

Blue Butterfly
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Micro Persuasion: Crowdsourcing a New System for Measuring Influence (Beta) My friend Steve Rubel is out with a post about a new paradigm for measuring influence. In the past much of how bloggers were measured or ranked was through things like Technorati. If you were on the Technorati 100 you were likely an “A Lister.”

PR folks are interested in bloggers primarily because they are influencers. These days a well read blogger can have as much impact on your company or product as a journalist, TV reporter, radio spot, etc. And especially with Google giving strong search rank to Bloggers, not only can bloggers serve as influencers (both good and bad) for your company today, but for many years into the future through the archive of search.

But Rubel notices a shift that’s happening and comments on it. It’s a shift that my friend Robert Scoble has seen early and participated in perhaps more heavily than just about anyone. And that shift is the bifurcation of the blogger’s influence. By this I mean that it’s no longer just about your blog. Your influence is part blog part elsewhere on the web, primarily social networks.

Facebook, Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku, Flickr, Zooomr, Vimeo, Upcoming, newsgroups and forums, even things like live streaming are becoming as much a part of influence as your blog.

What’s more, because many of these new social properties allow more real time interaction than blogs, more prominent influencers are experiencing even more influence through these mediums due to their potential large influence on various amplification services like digg.

What do I mean by this? Well. Want to get something on Digg or Reddit? Post it on your popular Twitter stream, Pownce stream, Facebook, and on your livestream while your broadcasting and you’ll have a good head start on getting it on the front page of Digg.

Smart bloggers are already figuring this out. Have a particularly good post? Then post it, Twitter it, Pownce it, etc. Once it gets on Digg go back to all of these mediums and add the “digg this” link.

The other things that happen is that the various social networks serve as cross pollinators for each other. Want to let everyone know about your Pownce stream? Then put it on Twitter. Want to let everyone know where you are at Facebook? Then post it to your Flickrstream.

This is the future of social media and online influence and Rubel is right to be trying to figure out how to measure it because in the end, the most highly ranked of these influencers will end up being very important to PR folks indeed.

Oh, and if you want to find me online you can find me at Pownce here, Twitter here, Facebook here, Vimeo here, Upcoming here, Zooomr here and well, I kind of quit Flickr so we’ll leave that one out.

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