Images That Changed The World

Images That Changed The World ? (PinGUY’s Website) Some of the most powerful historically relevant photographs ever taken.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please don’t support a content stealer like Pinguy, Thomas. Support the original authors instead.
    Original site:

  2. Christoffer says:

    I’ve been reading Thomas’ blog for about a year now but this post is one more reason to stop.

    I’ve been sort of ignoring the (in my opinion), vicious jumping on issues by Thomas. Often he is right but I don’t particulary like the style used. I believe talking and reasoning could be done in a less aggressive manner.

    And just a few weeks ago Thomas exploded about someone that had their [photo]content stolen through a photo-sharing site.

    Now, in this post, he links to someone who is so obviously a content stealer like pinguy. Even before I read the comment with the link to the claimed original source I still was pretty sure no rights had been secured for posting the images and accompanying texts.

    In my book this is a really big mistake by Thomas that should never have happened because it’s so obvious.

    So I make this a “strike two” towards a canceled subscription to this blog. I still love Thomas’s photos though.