Om Mailk Says Fotolog May Be Next Photo Sharing Site to Be Bought

[I am CEO of Zooomr]

GigaOM � Is Fotolog next in line to be bought? A lot of people are not familiar with Fotolog but Om Malik yesterday suggested that they may be the next photo sharing service to be bought out based on rumors that he is hearing.

For some of the earliest Flickr members, they do remember Fotolog very well as it was probably the closest thing resembling flickr that existed prior to Flickr. A lot of Flickr’s earliest users were on Fotolog first and abandoned it for Flickr back when Flickr started. Back at that time Fotolog was having a lot of technical problems and was super slow and frustrating and down alot.

Since then though Fotolog has continued growing as a powerhouse. Primarily due to the non-English localizations that they have provided. At present in addition to English, Fotolog is localized in both Spanish and Portuguese. At present Fotolog claims a little over 8 million users and a little over 240 million photos online.

Although Fotolog has more users than Flickr, They have less than half of the photos online that Flickr does. This is primarily due to a limit that Fotolog places on their accounts of only letting free users upload a single photo a day and paid accounts ($60, yikes) only upload 6 photos a day.

Likely buyers for Fotolog? According to Om: “My guess is a large media player without a social media play. IAC, Viacom and several private investors could be interested in Fotolog. This is one you need to keep an eye on.”

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