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One of my favorite ways to use Zooomr is to create portals. Portals are ways that photographs can be linked to each other and you activate them by hovering over a photo with a portal on it.

Portals can be used to express lots of different ways that photographs relate to each other. They can be used to show shifts in time, they can be used to show shifts in distance, they can be used for tours. They can even be used to show age progression.

Click through to the photograph above to check out this awesome portal by cmiper. He’s a great photographer and he’s made an fantastic photo series of a series of shots taken on a bridge while driving.

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  1. Karoli says:

    This is the coolest thing I’ve seen on a photo site! I confess that I didn’t understand the “portal” concept until I saw this set.

    Now I’m inspired. Gotta think about how I want to use this. WOW!