1000 Shots of CES?

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Well I think my goal of getting 1,000 shots of CES up online before heading back home to San Francisco may be tougher than I thought. I’m here for four days, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and flying back out Thursday afternoon. It’s now almost 1 a.m. in the morning on Tuesday and I’ve only got 163 shots up and online. I’m either going to have to hit it significantly harder tomorrow and Wednesday or I won’t make my goal.

The best thing about CES 2007 so far? Without question Podtech’s bloghaus. Thanks to Seagate and Podtech for putting this great resource together. It’s been great hanging out with a bunch of great bloggers. Putting new faces to old names and spending time catching up with blogging friends.

I’m amazed at how *fast* the internet is at bloghaus, and the Bellagio is a really great place to have it. Valerie Cunningham and Chris Cardinal are talking about what other venues Podtech should offer a bloghaus at.

Down on the floor today the best thing I saw was the Canon 50mm f/1.2 lens. I’ve been drooling over this lens for a while and after trying it out here at CES, I’m definitely going to have to buy this one. I also tried out the 85mm f/1.2, but liked the 50mm better. The main reason is the focusing speed. The 50mm focuses much faser than the 85mm. The 50mm is a heavy lens for a 50mm. Way heavier than the 50mm f/1.4. It focuses fast and has a nice depth of field.

I’m twittering when I can. And blog posting will probably be light as I’m really trying to focus on the photos this trip.

Tomorrow will be my big day down on the floor. I’m getting there when it opens and going all day. I’ve got to work much harder. I will meet that 1,000 goal.

So far the most popular photos so far are the ones of from the Babes of CES 2007 set (60 photos so far). No surprise there. For more of my CES 2007 shots check out the CES 2007 tag on Zooomr.

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  1. C.J. says:

    what about Cable Card in OEM Vista news?

  2. techie says:

    You need to check out the Sands. The Taser people have some model/stripper/something or others doing autographs.

  3. Martin says:

    Thomas, i have to say, some great photos over at zooomr, in your sets for CES and of course all your other photos. I have definatly found inspiration by looking through them.

    Keep up the good work

  4. Todd P says:

    Why a goal of a 1000? Who’s going to look at that many photos? I hate sifting through 200 photos of a big party. I remember reading a post where you said you have some goal of having a gallary wall filled with photos, but really, why the focus on 1000 photos. Are you really going to get that many interesting ones? I’d be more interested in seeing the best 50 or so. You have a strange obsession with maintaining a lot of photos, that I’m trying to figure out.