Wall Street Journal Covers TechCrunch

Mike Arrington and Pascale D' OrangeMike Arrington and Pascale D’ Orange Hosted on Zooomr

CrunchNotes — Wall Street Journal on TechCrunch Apparently Mike Arrington used to date a Miss Universe contestant from Denmark. Interesting.

Whether you love Mike Arrington or hate him, you have to acknowledge that he is one of the hardest working guys in the blogosphere — and that he always speaks his mind, even if it pisses people off. Mike and Marshall cover the Web 2.0 space with great attention to detail and are without a doubt two of the most prolific guys out there today. Their success is well deserved.

Don’t listen to the BS that comes from the naysayers from time to time, Mike — even the ones that are your mentors and friends. You are charting new territory man. It’s refreshing to see someone out there call it like it is.

Congrats on the press in the Wall Street Journal. It’s well deserved and thanks for doing such a great job covering Web 2.0 better than anyone else out there today.

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  1. Sean says:

    That is Pascale Diaine of Orange with Mike.