Self Portrait, November 2006

Self Portrait, November 2006Self Portrait, November 2006 Hosted on Zooomr

Had a great time hanging out in the de Young museum yesterday afternoon. Shooting art is one of my favorite things to do. Because the museum was pretty empty I was able to do some fun self portraiture stuff in the galleries. I really love the fact that the de Young allows you to bring cameras into their museums. The MOMA downtown does not which is why I haven’t been there in four years or so. On the other hand not only do I visit the de Young regularly but I support the museum with a membership as well.

I always find visiting art museums so inspiring. It really makes me want to spend own particular photographic focus is on quantity (I’m trying to build a library of over 100,000 finished fine art shots before I die). Someday I’d like to print out thousands of my best photographs as 8x10s and build a fantastic and giant public collage out of them. Seeing such amazing work that so many great artists have done at the de Young is about as perfect way to spend an afternoon as I can think of.

If you want to check out some of the art that I’ve shot at the de Young you can click through here.

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  1. Fajro says:

    Great self portrait!


  2. Mick Wilbury says:

    On a stupid rainy afternoon here in Rio, having very little to do, I’ve decided to Google for some “ghostly” images, something that I could use as a wallpaper.
    Anyway, I ended up with your photo “The ghosts of Soho” and several others displayed in your photolog.

    The quality of your photos is amazing.
    Different angles, aspects, an original light shedding an almost naked, a cruel reality to the subjects.

    The usage of excerpts from songs added more effect to the pictures and to the reality of the environment.

    You are really special.
    You actually made me miss New York.

    All the best,
    Miguel Aranega