VentureBeat Launches VentureBoard

VentureBeat — Introducing VentureBoard, a marketplace for start-ups Matt Marshall, the former Mercury News journalist who left his career at the Merc to start his own news site VentureBeat, has launched a new marketplace for startups called VentureBoard.

According to Marshall VentureBoard does two things:

“(1) It is a place where individuals or emerging tech companies can advertise their products, assets or teams for sale and where established companies can find them.

(2) It is a place for service providers, such as financial, debt, accounting, legal and PR companies, to advertise their services, and for emerging companies to locate services they need.”

Despite the recent news of companies like JumpCut and YouTube being bought out, the reality of the situation is that there are far more internet companies than can be effectively acquired and creating an online marketplace as an alternative to eBay would seem to make some sense.

I wonder if this could also become a fertile new place for VCs to prospect for businesses to invest in as well.

Good luck on your venture Matt and it will be interesting to see how this one goes.

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