Help a Video iPod With Sentimental Photos Find it’s Way Home

� Found: 1 black 30 GB video iPod. Is it yours? | Between the Lines | From David Berlind over at ZDNet:

“If this isn’t a test for how the blogosphere can get things done, I’m not sure what is. As a part of this test, if you happen to read this blog entry and you have a blog, please spread the word and let’s see if the viral nature of the blogosphere can help this iPod find its owner.”

More from David:

“My guesses are that the owner lives in the New England area and flew on United Airlines on or about October 9th or 10th.”

It seems the iPod has text on it “De Monstrow” and has photos which would have sentimental value.

If any of this means something to you and you’ve recently lost your iPod, contact David Berlind at david.berlind(at)

An interesting way to approach a found object. It certainly would be very cool if enough people blogged this that this iPod found it’s way back in the hands of it’s rightful owner. What a testament that would be to the goodness of humankind and overall viral goodness! Nice work David. And if you’ve got a blog, pass it on.

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