So It Looks Like I’ll Finally Get to Try Facebook

Open Facebook – Facebook apparently is going to open up their doors to everyone and let anyone who wants to check it out participate. I think this is pretty good news. I’ve heard a lot about Facebook in the past but since I went to a pretty small high school that doesn’t give out email addresses to alumni now I was never able to try it out.

I did give it a try a while back but was locked out by the fact that I had to have an email tied to my high school which was a good 20 years ago and something that I didn’t have.

Looking forward to finally checking it out.

It looks like they were going to open it up to non school users today (per Forbes) but have decided to do it in the next few weeks instead.

“”Last week, we learned we need to do a better job communicating on launches,” says company spokeswoman Melanie Deitch. “We are going to think through how to better inform users, and we don’t want to risk expanded registration being a big issue on the heels of last week’s changes.” Deitch said the company might communicate with users in coming weeks about the site’s growth pace via blog postings and comments in user groups.”

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  1. Tyler Willis says:


    I digg your photos of FWA, I was there and thought it was a great event. Be curious to see what you guys roll out into Zooomr that may have been influenced today (ps – you’ve won me over from flickr, i just switched).

    As to Facebook I think it’s a bit of a bad idea for them to open up. We all know social networking is inclusive and that data wants to be free, etc etc. But even with the current generation growing up on computers and being more comfortable with shared data. There is still outrage over miscommunication of privacy (last week showed that). Facebook is good because it’s locked up. If I’m at SFSU then I think that I’m only sharing my profile with students.

    Facebook’s difference is the closed model v a wide open myspace. I think they are making a huge mistake.

    I’d be curious on your thoughts longterm for them and then how you liked their product.

  2. Andy Erler says:

    If Facebook goes wide open, the entire college crowd will stop using it. Already, days after the news, almost 3 million members are in groups protesting Facebook opening up. Why? Because we want to keep it college students only. We rebelled with high schoolers being let in, and if Facebook opens up we will leave and find a new place. Facebook works because it is ‘elitest’ if you care, only allowing college (and no sadly) high school students. We don’t want the 13 year old slut, the 50 year old perv on Facebook. We want it kept the way it is.