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Had the good pleasure to hang out with lots of old friends and meet lots of new ones at last night’s Om Malik GigaOm and Sharpcast launch party at Mighty in San Francisco. The photography was challenging because it was *super* dark, but I did the best that I could and have a preliminary set of photos up here. I’ll try to add more to the set in the next few days.

Congratulations to Om on the successful launch of his own deal. Om’s a good friend and I’ve been following his work for a long time. He will do well. Congratulations also to Sharpcast. Kristopher and I were able to spend some time on Wednesday afternoon meeting with their team and they’ve got some pretty impressive technology with regards to synchronizing your photos on your mobile device, desktop and the web. Walt Mossberg also recently gave them a big write up in the Wall Street Journal as well which never hurts.

The music last night was pretty kick ass as well. Allen Bush of Sharpcast had his band there playing and in addtion to songs that Allen has written they’ve got a great collection of cover songs. Their version of Jay Farrar’s “Tear Stained Eye” was probably my favorite tune of the night although they did really good covers by everyone from Social Distortion to the Rolling Stones. First rate.

PR Pro Renee Blodgett did a great job helping to put the launch together.

Scott Beale may have some shots up later at Laughing Squid as well… or maybe not. Scott and I spent most of the night complaining to each other about how much we hate shooting in low lighting. Funny how nobody else seemed to mind but us photographers — usually seems to be the case. Thank God for fast lenses. I was able to get a revisted shot of the super sexy Tara Hunt and Chris Messina kiss as well. Thanks guys for being such sports.

Oh and in case you were wondering, we were able to finally confirm that Nick Douglas is in fact actually the devil himself.

All in all a fantastic time, and, oh yeah, thanks for the beers Sharpcast and Om!

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