Technorati Raises More Cash, $7.6 Million More

TechCrunch � Blog Archive � Technorati scores $7.6m more funding Marshall Kirkpatrick writing for TechCrunch has an article out on Technorati taking another $7.6 Million in VC money.

From Marshall, “People have had a close eye on the company recently. Traffic continues not to spike, some employees have left, and rumored acquisitions didn’t pan out. Given that the previous round was in 2004, the company had to be low on cash. Our assumption is that this round was done at a flat or down valuation. Technorati will not comment on corporate activities, so additional information will almost certainly not become available.”

It’s interesting. I use Technorati every single day. It’s one of my most used sources to monitor things going on on the internet. And without knowing anything about their financial position, it would still seem to me that part of their strategy most likely would involve selling themselves to someone else at some point down the road. But after awhile when you take in so much VC money and VCs of course want huge multiples on their returns, you have to wonder who is going to pay what the VCs might need to actually buy the company at this point.

It would likely have to be someone big — Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, etc. But wouldn’t these companies have bought them by now already if they really wanted them? Maybe someone who understands the VC game better than I do could enlighten me.

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