Kent Newsome on the Garmin StreetPilot 2620

Newsome.Org Just was over at Kent Newsome’s blog and found this review on the Garmin StreetPilot 2620 GPS unit. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like the technology works as well or is as intuitive as Kent would like.

“In sum, it simply does not work. Garmin has created a process that only a confederacy of PhDs could understand merely to install new maps on your GPS unit. It is beyond frustrating, and as soon as business hours roll back around, I’ll take time out of my business to give them the business (to quote Wally Cleaver).”

Although I’ve never tried the Garmin I can’t say I’m surprised. The Pioneer combo GPS/DVD player that we use for our family car has been equally frustrating. It constantly gets off track and then is of no use at all. While GPS is a super cool tool as a navigation device in a vehicle, it is clear that many of the devices still need work.

Has anyone had any super positive experiences with GPS units? And how about cameras. Now that we’ve got geotagging made easy at Zooomr are there those of you out there using GPS devices for your cameras that you like?

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  1. Doug says:

    Well for about the past 2.5 years I’ve been waiting for GPS information to be integrated into digital cameras and have the information displayed/stored in the EXIF. Besides cost, I suspect the other major obstacle to this is the extra battery drain, but if the camera makers made this an option of the camera to easily turn on and off then it would be moot IMHO. Over those years, I’ve obtained GPS info either from my phone (when I had Nextel) or from a handheld Garmin unit (eTrex Legend). Obviously the convergence between the GPS unit and the camera is not there, but I suspect that we will see a device that can do this soon (mobile cameras would seem to make the most sense, but I sure the providers want to figure out how they can turn it into a revenue stream).

  2. I owned a Garmin 60cs for about 2 years and just recently got a 60csx. I think they work great with the Garmin mapping software (purchased separately). I use it for hiking, geocaching (, and driving. I wasn’t sure how good the small screen would be with driving, but I must admit I’m very impressed. It is not as nice as the GPS’s that are built into Volkswagens which I’ve used, but it gets me where I want to go without getting lost. It’s so much better than printing out directions on the internet or using paper maps. I do admit that getting the software setup in the beginning on PC was a little confusing, but after that things have been smooth sailing.

  3. Gary W. Thom says:

    I have the Garmin GPS 10 which is software and a bluetooth GPS receiver for my PDA. Apart from one off-road experience (it tried to send me through an army base, which was on the map, though hardly passible in a 4×4) due to the settings I had in its routing preferences. It has been fantastic, routing round problems, showing shortcuts etc.

    It does seem to prefer a couple of local roads; with too many traffic lights; that I’d rather avoid, this is configurable to some extent (or you can say avoid this road).

  4. Tyler Willis says:

    I’ve had overall great experience with the AVIC n1 by pioneer, I no longer have it in my car, but it was a gem. The AVIC n2 is supposed to be a little better but a little more closed (read: no hacking it to play video in a moving vehicle – prolly a good thing).

    Works well for nav and also works well for DVD/Gaming. I spend much less time in the car these days so don’t really require it, but it was a lifesaver when I spent more time in the car