GigaOM, In Digg’s Defense

GigaOM : � In Digg’s Defense: Om Malik is out with a post today on the recent analysis that Hitwise has done comparing the popularity of the NY Times online with Digg.

“Hitwise has analyzed the data and come up with the conclusion… Digg is not a patch on The New York Times. Which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone since The Times website has been around for a very long time, and Digg, well is just a puny little infant in web terms.”

Although Digg is certainly not the New York Times, I have to agree with Om in pointing out that they’ve only been around how long? Who would have ever thought anyone would even be doing analysis at this point comparing Digg to what might be the most powerful news service in the world.

Digg is most certainly the future for how we will receive a large chunk of our news even for the mainstream in the coming years. And not just Digg, but other Digg like clones and other sites that seek to democratically feed us our news based on real interest. While there will always also be room out there for news filtered by editors, I find the stuff I get at Digg to be generally more relevant for me personally than what I get from other edited news sources.

So Bravo Kevin, and Owen and Jay and and everyone else at Digg and to all the diggers out there, keep on diggin’!

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