Update on My Run in With Police (?) Over my Photography at 50 Beale Street

Bechtel Letter

In response to my run in with an unidentified individual who identified himself as a police officer, assaulted me and refused to show me identification as a police officer, I received this letter from Bechtel Corporation yesterday.

I have again asked for the name of the individual who identified himself as a police officer and requested Bechtel tell me what if any disciplinary action was taken against this individual.

While Bechtel still refuses to confirm whether or not the individual who harrassed and assaulted me is an employee of theirs, it is probably fair to assume that they would not be sending an apology letter were he not. I will continue to pursue this though and am confident that I will be able to get more information with regards to this case.

Update: I sent the following email to Michael Fletcher at Bechtel today: “Hi Michael, just writing to see if any update is available regarding my run in with your employee.

Also, one other thing with regards to your apology letter, you state in it that I have no objection with checking in with the building owner prior to shooting photos of the building from public space. I do actually have an objection to this and do not feel that I need to check in with the building in order to photograph it from public space. Just a clarification for the record with regards to your statement. Irrespective of this though it is none of Bechtel’s business what buildings I shot and which I do not and whether I receive permission to shoot them or not. And it is certainly not Bechtel’s role to be policing me as you yourself have already admitted.

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  1. Jon says:

    Looks like you somewhat won the battle right now. Hope you do find out who the “police officer” was and make sure he doesn’t do what he did to you to anybody else. Good luck!

  2. hotspur says:

    Good work. Don’t let people who try to do evil succeed.

  3. Good for you Thomas … I had a run in with the law this past Saturday. Although he was very friendly and didn’t even ask me to get out of the street. He just asked me to be careful.

  4. Joel Tanner says:

    You can take photos of the largest, most famous, bridges in this country, including the Golden Gate. You can even get structual/engineering plans for most buildings, in most places, and yet, from their behavior, you would think that these idiotic security guards are guarding the US constitution. That’s the ONLY place I’ve ever had film taken from me, and that was 16 years ago.

  5. Vidiot says:

    It’s great they apologized…but I remain baffled at their completely unnecessary request that you “check in with” the owner of the building before shooting it again.

  6. victoria says:

    Nice that Mr. Fletcher tried to slip in that “…provided you check in with the building owner and follow its procedure.” bit. As if you wouldn’t notice it. They just don’t know when to quit, do they?

  7. If corporate legal got dragged into this, and had to publicly apologize, you can be very sure Mr. Fake Cop has been ripped a new orfice by someone.

    Which he probably needed, he sure looked and acted like he was full of…um…something.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Nice! Ha..ha..ha! The big bully Betchel apologizes! I hope lardman sees this.

    Good work Thomas!

    And BTW, very good reply!

    What happened to the Police case on lardman? Are you still pursuing it?

  9. Paul says:

    That is so cool. Man I am so glad you stand your ground on these issues because many of us have had similar problems. Since you are so high profile, people are likely to hear about it which helps the rest of us. Thanks again,


  10. dj paine says:

    great job tom.
    go go go.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Great job. I have you get to the bottom on who is impersonating a police officer.

  12. Rags Mahone says:

    In the same way that you wouldn’t grant freedom of speech to those who would deny others the same freedom, you shouldn’t expect to have any freedoms yourselves if you support a regime (the US goverment) that denies those freedoms to so many millions worldwide.

    It’s rather ironic (use a dictionary !) that you never saw the loss of freedoms in your own country coming when your goverment has been removing them from citizens abroad.

    They are purely profit motivated and without scruples and whilst up until now it has only been those outside of the US who have suffered at their hands soon it will be those (yourselves) inside the US.

    Wake up and smell the coffee lardarses.