France Wimps Out

Free your iPod, originally uploaded by factoryjoe.

France backs down on iTunes DRM stance | CNET Well no sooner are we celebrating a more open music distribution system thanks to the french disallowing proprietary DRM than they pull the rug out from under us and take it back.

Since the term indian giver is probably racially insensitive we can’t use that, but, well, you get the idea.

From CNET News: “A French Senate committee has removed wording from proposed legislation that would have forced technology companies to license their digital rights management schemes, according to the Web site of The Inquirer.

Apple, which did not return repeated phone calls, and other DRM holders doing business in France, are likely elated. While the law must still be voted on, the alterations in the legislation signify willingness by some in the French government to honor the rights of companies that don’t wish to share their technology with competitors. Senate debate on the bill begins Thursday.”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Some of the French government.”

    Nope. The amendment to the law was proposed by someone who is closed to Microsoft. Google for : Thiollière+Microsoft, and get ready for a surprise.