Download Your TV

TechCrunch � Blog Archive � Download Your TV – The Current Options: TechCrunch has a strong article by guest writer Neil Kjeldsen about the current options for downloadable TV.

iTunes is positioned as the leader and the various offereings by the networks are outlined as well. Cozmo.tiv, Brightcove and Orb all get mentioned.

One technology that I did not see mentioned specifically though is the one that I use and it is pretty simple to use today actually. Basically all you need is a Media Center PC with a tuner card.

Despite all the DRM hoopla, today it is very simple on a Media Center PC to get remote content. You simply record it and then copy the file from your Media Center PC hard drive to your laptop hard drive. You can then watch the show in Windows Media Player any place, any time. It works better than Orb as Orb as connection and buffer problems from time to time and the image quality is a lot better as well.

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