Stalkr – Find Your Contacts on Flickr

Stalkr – Find your contacts on flickr James Newbery is out with the latest (and sure to be controversial) Flickr toy called Stalkr.

The concept is relatively simple. You upload a csv text file to his site or paste all of your contact’s email address to his site and it will search Flickr and show you what their ID is on Flickr. Ever wondered which of your friends were using Flickr and which were not? Now you can know.

Ever wonder who on the company email directory list has a Flickr stream and what kind of photos they actually post of themselves?

Certainly privacy concerns will be at the top of everyone’s minds with regards to this new tool and while Newberry assures us that, “your addresses will not be stored anywhere, read by anyone, or made accessible to anyone. Any file you upload will be deleted from the server immediately,” of course proceed at your own risk.

Newberry also adds, “I am not liable for any sticky social situations, divorces, sackings, murders or other criminal behaviour that may result from the use of this web ‘toy’. I would like to hear the stories, though. I’ll publish the best ones.

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  1. Dave Zatz says:

    Damn… none of my exes use Flickr – at least not with the email addresses I’ve got on hand. Well there was one, but her profile was empty and she had zero photos online. LAME! 😉

  2. Dave,

    You should consider yourself lucky that none of your exes use Flickr. It’s better then being worried about your exes finding you on Stalkr.