Canon Announces New 30D Digital SLR

Canon Announces New Digital Cameras Ahead of PMA: Canon has announced their new cameras and included in the line up will be the Canon 30D, seen as a replacement for the current 20D. The camera “features an 8.2 megapixel sensor and five frame per second shooting capability. The camera will be available in March at a price of $1399 for just the body.”

It does not appear to have a full frame sensor like the 5D but improvements cited include: “a more rugged shutter – rated for 100,000 cycles, a 2.5 inch, 230k pixel LCD, and a new spot metering capability, in addition to the existing metering modes in the 20D. Also, Canon has improved the folder management in the camera to allow easier organization.”

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  1. danny says:

    so what camera do you use for all of your flickr shots?

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    ahhhh, all those flickr shots. Lately the 5D. Before December though the 10D. The 30D would sit between the two. If you can afford the 5D I’d most certainly recommend the camera.

  3. blaine says:

    Hi Thomas,
    I somehow found your blog and have been enjoying it. Nice stuff.

    I was a bit disappointed with the news of the 30d. Seems like they would at least match the megapixels of the Nikon’s D200. I have the 5d and love it, and was hoping to get the 30d for a backup (and for my wife) but I might wait off for a bit.

  4. Adam Fields says:

    Amazon has it for pre-order, although the price is a bit steep:

  5. Sudhir says:

    Hi Thomas,

    Your photos are just … so natural. Each is a delight to the eyes.

    Stumbled upon your blog recently (from flickr). Many of your snaps have been my desktop wallpapers ever since.

    BTW, I *think* the 30D is priced at
    1400 euros (~$1700 (?))

  6. Thomas Hawk says:

    Hi Blaine. I agree. I think it’s worth paying a little more for the 5D. I too would have liked to see more from the 30D. The full frame sensor with the 5D really is a step above all of the other lesser Canon SLRs. If someone were considering the 30D I’d probably advise them to hold off and wait until the 5D dropped into their budget range.